27 Sep, 2018

2015-2017_Translations for a research project: “The World of Ismail Gasprinskii”

“The World of Ismail Gasprinskii”

“Since 2015, Dr. Marina Sokolova has been a member of my project that is gathering and translating into English the Russian, Tatar, Arabic, and Ottoman Turkish texts by and about the Crimean Tatar reformer and social activist, Ismail Bey Gasprinskii (1851-1914). She has been part of the team that has been translating the Russian texts. Her work has been completed in a timely fashion and has maintained excellent standards, contributing enormously in assisting with texts from Russian archives, correspondence, and newspaper articles.”


Professor Edward J. Lazzerini, PhD

Director—Sinor Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies
Director—Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center
Coordinator—Volga-Kama Initiative
Academic Specialist—Central Eurasian Studies Department
Adjunct Professor—Department of History
Affiliate—Russian & East European Institute; East Asian Studies Center, Islamic Studies Program; Center for Eighteenth-Century Studies

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