26 Jul, 2021

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

MA in Technology-Mediated Language Teaching and Learning

Tanja Behrendt

Improving fluency through digital storytelling: a proposal for beginner language learners

The thesis investigates how digital storytelling can be used for beginner learners to improve their speech fluency.

Richard Alexander Level González

Promoting Dialogic Learning in CLIL Learning Environments by Improving Language for Learning through Learning Management Systems

The thesis investigates how dialogic learning can be promoted in Content and Learning Integrated Learning environments. It focuses on improving learners’ Language for Learning through self-access activities on Learning Management Systems.

María Salas Romeo

Improving the efficiency of CLIL implementation in science through the use of technology in the primary classroom

The thesis offers digital pedagogical materials which improve the implementation of CLIL in elementary school. The offered materials enhance children’s language learning and skill development

Natia Nadaraia

Computer Assisted Language Learning: The barriers and benefits in providing feedback

The thesis investigates the benefits and barriers of computer-mediated feedback comparing two applications ‘Grammarly’ and ‘Write and Improve’.

Paula Milena Mora Abello

Gather Town app to promote student-student Interaction in L2 learning on virtual synchronous

The thesis investigates the benefits of using a video-calling 2D platform ‘Gather Town’ for student-student interaction in online language instruction

Maria Saiz Valverde

An Introduction to the Maker Classroom in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Primary School

The thesis investigates the implementation of technology-mediated language instruction in the Maker classroom