1 May, 2022

Sensitivity to Individual Grammars in Non-Native Languages: Tatar-Russian-English Trilinguals

Michael Levandovsky: Volunteer Research Assistant

BA student: Department of English Philology, Nizhny Novgorod Linguistics University.

Scientific interests: comparative linguistics, generative linguistics, ancient languages with focus on Latin, psycholinguistics

Research work: structure of Tartar; psycholinguistics and multilingual processing

Current projects: Parsing Preferences in Ln with No L1 Transfer: Relative Clause Attachment in L2 Russian and L3 English by Native Speakers of Tartar

Sensitivity to individual Grammars in L2 Russian and L3 English

Background: The participants’ L1 Tatar does not allow parsing ambiguity of the relative clause. Therefore, any parsing preference in L2 Russian or L3 English cannot results from L1 transfer-based parsing

Stage 1: Parsing preferences in Tatar

When the eventive complement of a perception verb can have the form of a clause or the form of a complex DP, native speakers of Tatar prefer a clause.

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